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Montessori Nursery and Kindergarten: Education for life

The Montessori principles become very clear once entering in a Kids at work classroom. Soft colors, natural lighting,  large and uncluttered spaces are the key ingredients of an environment that fosters serenity and focus.

The kindergarten and nursery is located in the northern area of Bucharest, near the Herastrau park. Children are provided with 300 square meters inside space for room activities  and  280 square meters of open-air space.

Kids at work applies the genuine Montesori educational practice and genuine Montessori visual aids, adapted by Dr. Maria Montessori to meet the needs of specific age groups and delicate time periods. All our teachers have the Montessori experience and the ambient is designed by an international Montessori adviser to meet the needs of children in order to stimulate their full potential.

The kindergarten is functioning in a bilingual system - one teacher would only speak English while another will only speak Romanian.

All complementary and extracurricular activities are selected and designed to support and stimulate experiential learning and the acquirement of core qualities.

In the pre-school year 2014-2015 we will operate with three groups for children:

- Nido group - between 11 months and 24 month old (9 places)

- Toddler group - between 2 and 3 years old (15 places)

- Infant group - between 3 and 6 years old (25 places)

Complementary activities

Complementary activities

We assumed to offer to our children all the circumstances and conditions in order to be able to develop them healthy and happy as future adults.

Therefore we developed daily and / or weekly activities through to bring the universe into Kids at work kindergarten. Thus, the environment and education of children is not limited only to the classroom.

  • We arranged a vegetable garden that children will be harvest until receiving natural reward - vegetables and fruits arising from their work. Respect and care for nature and its resources is an important lesson in life that is good to be integrated in the early childhood.
  • With their future friend, the rabbit, they will learn about responsibility and caring for the animals surrounding them.
  • The Kids at work ambient has a functional kitchen at children sizes where they learn to cook , exercise creativity and enjoy the outcome of their own work.
  • Health education represents a principle to Kids at work Kindergarten. Children benefit of the highest quality food and also of proper nutrition education. Every day after lunch real stories are told to the little ones about nutrition and the benefits of healthy food .
  • Movement is a key element in the health of the body. Through BabyGym activities, children understand the importance of sports activities and integrates them as needed and as routine .
  • Mother tongue is the first language that we learn and it becomes the reference language for our entire lives. In a society where networking and international comunication are the most important thing to succeed, English becomes the second language. With Learn with music activities, children have the oportunity to learn English in a unique way, through play , dance and music.



Food is as important as education for the children, at Kids at work we are putting on both a strong emphasis. 

We only use high quality raw materials, bio extent that the market allows us, without additives, preservatives or other toxic elements.

With the help of Smart Nutrition, a well known nutrition clinic with successful doctors in nutrition, we put together a balanced meal plan, tailored for the different age groups and growth stages of our children. 

The food is prepared in the kitchen of Fitocracy company who are known for their professionalism and their food made with soul.

Basic Principles 

We are very careful about food combinations in order to ensure easy digestion and maximum energy and nutrients to the body. 

All dishes are cooked in the morning, serving them in ways that ensure the preservation of a larger proportion of nutrients. 

We do not use sugar. Sweetness comes from dried fruit - dates, raisins, figs or apple juice.





For registration, please contact us via email at or by telephone at +40 772 007 951.

The registration process begins with meeting both parents and child to see if Montessori filosofy is the best education method for the baby. Also, this process includes a teacher visit to the child’s home. The purpose of this step is to have the teacher introduced to the child in a familiar and comfortable environment, fostering a strong bond between the two of them.



Reduced programme (snack + lunch + snack): 8:30 - 13:00
Normal programme (snack + lunch): 8:30 - 16:00
Extended programme (snack + lunch + snack): 8:30 - 18:15

Kids at work kindergarten is open all year round (from September until August) with the exception of Christmas holidays (two weeks), Easter holiday (two weeks) and the legal holidays.

Also, during the last 3 weeks of August, the kindergarten is closed for the annual sanitizing. 


The tuition fee is annual and can be paid monthly as follows:

  • Montessori Program (8.30 - 16.00) - 6600 euro / year or 550 euro / month for children younger than 4,5 yo
  • Montessori Program (8.30 - 16.00) - 6960 euro / year or 580 euro / month for children older than 4,5 yo, includes the secont Montessori cycle

Meal fee: 650 lei for all programme types, additional to the monthly fees

Registration fee: 300 euro 

Educational materials fee: 150 euro per year, one time during the contract

Deposit: 400 euro, one time during the contract